Предложение по соревнованиям в Китае

5.Team Photo(Example)

Уважаемые коллеги!
Предлагаем Вам ознакомиться с информацией от наших коллег из Китая!
Если Вас заинтересует данная информация, можете обращаться к нам или же к руководителю комитета по международным связям Щирскому Егору.


I am glad our friendship is growing with mutual support and I am excited to tell you that:

The 2017 China Cheerleading Open consists two competitions:
A. China(Nanjing) Cheerleading Open, due to 21st-25th July, 2017 in Nanjing.
B. Rizhao Elite Cheerleading Games,due to 25th-28th July, 2017 in Nanjing.
Together it will be week. We sincerely invite you and your teams to participate in the competitions. Please spread away
the event information to those who might be interested.

To help more international teams coming to our competitions for the better development of our sport, we offer special
package price for all international teams. Any international team who participate and compete in both Nanjing and Rizhao
events ONLY need to pay the 4-night package of Nanjing Event. Any international team who only participate in either Nanjing
or Rizhao events, need to pay the package price (Please review the attached files for detailed info).

We offer not only good package price, but also better service for the two competitions above:
1.Transportation: Shanghai/Nanjing airport shuttle bus, pick-up service between hotel—venue—city attranctions;
2.Hotel: Four-star hotels in Najing/Rizhao which is coverd by our package price;
3.Meals: Most delicious and authentic Chinese food. We will take care of your special food request when you submit
the registration forms;
4.Event ambassodor: To help the international teams with the competition and accommodations, there will be one CCA
staff/volunteer who speaks either your language or English to help you with some great competition and culture experience!
5.City tour: The most exclusive and special cultural and historical tour plans are also included in our package. We offer two
different tour plan for Nanjing and Rizhao events respectively. It is all your choice which style of city tour you would like to go!

To participate in any/both of he events, you only need to submit the FIVE forms attached to this email and send to this
ccachina006@163.com before 5th July,2017. Once again, please check the attached guideline book for more details.
Should you need any help, like VISA letter, please do not hesitate to contact our event email ccachina006@163.com or our event-
specialists at: Phoebe Sun: +8618652991157 Katie Ma: +8615850522742 Vanessa Gong:+8615952016221 Zoe Cai: +8615251817600

Thank you! Looking forward to your participation in 2017 China Cheerleading Open!
Yulin Li, CEO of CCA.

1.Registration Form

2.Team Roster

3.Rooming List ___updated___

4. Agreement of Compliance 2017 China Open Guideline Book

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